Tesla K20 Benchmark Results

Victor Haydin
Head of Products and Services at ELEKS

Recently we’ve developed a set of synthetic tests to measure NVIDIA GPU performance. We ran it on several test environments:

  • GTX 580 (PCIe-2, OS Windows, physical box)
  • GTX 680 (PCIe-2, OS Windows, physical box)
  • GTX 680 (PCIe-3, OS Windows, physical box)
  • Tesla K20Xm (PCIe-3, ECC ON, OS Linux, NVIDIA test data center)
  • Tesla K20Xm (PCIe-3, ECC OFF, OS Linux, NVIDIA test data center)
  • Tesla M2050 (PCIe-2, ECC ON, OS Linux, Amazon EC2)

Please note, that next generation Tesla K20 is also included into our results (many thanks to NVIDIA for their early access program).
You can find results at Google Docs. Benchmark sources are available at our GitHub account.
Stay tuned, we’re going to make some updates on this.

UPD: Detailed results with charts and some conclusions: https://labs.eleks.com/?p=531