Virtual reality

Back2Pack: Christmas Virtual Reality Game by ELEKS

Quick! Grab two phones, Google Cardboard and let’s save Christmas!
You see, Santa and his little helpers have trouble keeping Christmas gifts in their boxes. This is when you take the matter into your own hands (literally) and help him box up all the presents by throwing elves at them.


How to play:

  1. Go to to play Back2Pack in your phone’s browser.
  2. Ask your friend, co-worker, an elf or Rudolph for their phone and follow the automatically generated link on the website to connect both phones. You will use their smartphone as a controller.
  3. Ride a reindeer through the woods using your phone inside Google CardboardTM, and throw elves at runaway presents with another smartphone.
    Have enormous fun.

If there is no second phone around, you can use only your smartphone and the Cardboard. If you’ve lost your Google Cardboard, well, you will have to use only your phone then. But trust us, using two smartphones and Google Cardboard is the most fun!

We at ELEKS designed and developed this game to bring lots of Virtual Reality Christmas joy to you this holiday season! Soon we will publish a full article telling how we did it. But for now happy holidays to all the geeks out there!